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Grindstone Audio Solutions

Founded on the simple idea that we know what we like and we believe that other players will too

  • Quality, robust equipment that withstands the rigors of real-world use
  • Full range, complex sounds
  • Products that leave room for individual creativity

Meet Our Team

Andy Harrison
Andy Harrison - Senior Product Specialist
Andy’s experience in the music industry runs the gamut from playing guitar in a major-label band in the 90s to working as a touring technician for some of today’s biggest artists. For years, and at venues all over the globe, players have relied on Andy’s knowledge of equipment and tone. He brings those same skills to the design, construction, and creative application of musical equipment.
Rob Keeler
Rob Keeler- Senior Electronics Designer
In addition to over thirty years of playing live and in the studio, Rob has a master’s degree in music, has taught music at the collegiate level, and has designed and built audio devices for over two decades. His musical and technical backgrounds combine to create products that are built to go from the stage to the studio, and back again.
Rick Kinsinger
Rick Kinsinger- Senior Business Manager
As a lifelong musician, studio engineer, a degreed and licensed mechanical engineer, and an experienced small business owner, Rick combines all of these experiences to bring Grindstone products to fruition.